Happy New Year!

A new year is an important time to hit the reset button and refresh your personal finances. It brings an opportunity to reflect on the past year and to set new goals for the year ahead. Getting a handle on your money issues is usually near the top of the list. Are you considering setting financial goals to pay down debt, saving for emergencies, getting better at budgeting better or reserving funds for retirement? – maybe a combination.

The problem is that most people fail to stick to their New Year’s resolutions and financial goals and easily fall off track without knowing how or why. Everyone wants to make more money and achieve financial freedom – and why not, I hear you say! But with the cost of living rising and greater strains on our money, it’s more important than ever to engage with your finances, set goals, plan and stick to them.



Here are my four powerful P’s to kick off your year with a fresh perspective and set you on the right path to meet your financial goals.

Prepare: It’s time to get organised and show your finances whose boss! You don’t have to wait for the perfect time to perfect your finances or get things in ship shape. It might mean not being so hard on yourself and sticking to one money mantra, such as getting rid of an expensive expense or perhaps you need to take a more proactive approach and prepare your mind for crucial changes ahead. 

Plan: It’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially when trying something new. So why not start with small manageable goals that you can measure. Instead of feeling discouraged for not clearing all debts, achieve an amount you can afford each month until you discharge the debt. Likewise, if you have never budgeted, try setting yourself a challenge to save a set amount each month; that way, you can still achieve future goals with little effort.

Protect: You know what they say: prevention is better than cure; in financial terms, it’s time to ensure you are adequately protected should the worst happen (i.e., life insurance, income protection); it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Process: It’s time to go for gold, don’t hold back! If you have prepped, planned, and protected yourself, you have laid the financial foundation. Going for a health check is not unusual if you feel something is not quite right or needs overlooking, and wealth should be no different. It works by investing in yourself and affording your finances the scrutiny it deserves to improve financial outcomes.

You see, managing your money need not be a mammoth task; we find our clients achieve sizeable goals by keeping things simple.

Think of the new year as a blank page book with 365 pages. You have the opportunity to write a new page every day, so why not make it significantly special!

Our new session, Master Your Money Masterclass, will help you do just that and provide all you need to get on top of your finances and make 2022 and beyond well worth remembering. Book a discovery call here to find out more. 

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